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How To Get And Upgrade Items In Path Of Exile

Free to play is often seen as a red flag for gamers, and with good reason. Path of Exile trends more toward the popular legitimate free to play titles like Dota 2 by limiting in game purchases to mostly aesthetic items and effects. The gameplay is lifted directly from Diablo 2, a feat many Action-RPGs have accomplished with varying degrees of success. What sets PoE apart is its unique passive skill tree and gem-based skill system, allowing a huge degree of customization in how you want to build your character. 

If you were disappointed by Diablo 3 or just looking for another ARPG, PoE plays out like a love letter to the entire genre. That fact that it’s completely free is mind-boggling and awesome.

Be very conservative at the start, especially if you don’t have someone feeding you gold and items. Scrolls of Wisdom can buy powerful items, unlock powerful items, and become rather difficult to farm very quickly until a little bit later in the game. You’ll want to be cautious with using your resources until you start banking tons of them later on in the game.

Try your best to not sit there and identify every item with Scrolls of Wisdom, they are precious and not something you can buy from vendors. Scrolls and Orbs can be made from fragments you get from bartering or you can find them out in the world as loot drops. Either way, don’t sell them and don’t squander them. Also, they are the preferred items for trade among players.

Also, don't upgrade every item with your Orbs. Wait until you get to a point where you need an upgrade and then use them. You can typically get by most areas with the gear you have until you hit a boss or come up to a strong elite enemy. Carefully read what each Orb does and try to memorize the names for every Orb and what they do because when trading with players you'll need to remember what each does if you’re asked for one as a negotiation piece.

Finally, know that Divine Orbs, buy Chaos Orbs, Gem Cutter Orbs, and Exalted Orbs are the rarest, most powerful, and most sought out of the Orbs. They will do some amazing things to your items and you could get some amazing things from other players for them. Best bet is to hoard everything until you get a good understanding of values in this game.

If you need to farm for experience, items, or just looking for rare monsters then while in town go to the waypoint and bring up the area map. Hold down the control key on your keyboard and click on any area to reset it. You can then go to it and find the map and monsters back for your slaughtering purposes.