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Path Of Exile 3.2.0 Adds Tons Of New Content

Grinding Gear Games has given the launch date in which we can join the Bestiary Challenge League of the ARPG Path of Exile, which will allow its adventurers to capture monsters and store them in a base that will act as a new explorable area: the Menagerie. Here we can show the Legendary Beasts captured to our friends, as well as interact with different characters. The date marked for the premiere will be March 2.

In addition to this bestiary we have other developments with patch 3.2.0 as is the Blood Altar to create and modify powerful Path of Exile items, items of set or Uber Elder.

We leave below a list with all the news:

30 new unique items.
4 spirit beasts.
10 new Divination Cards
New prophecies
Three new gems: "Spectral Shield Throw" and "Tectonic Strike", and the new assistance gem "Summon Phantasm on Kill."
Re-design of Ascendancy classes. Each of the 19 Ascendancy Classes has been considerably balanced to ensure consistent levels of power.
New mission in Act 10 with story about the beasts.
New packs with unique skins, titles for the forum or money for the store, among other things.