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Path Of Exile Class Guide For The Witch

Devilish well, or rather Diablo's good-looking action RPG, is one of the characters.

Randomly generated levels, playing free in a persistent online world and attractive combat. These are the main items of action RPG Path of Exile, which can not only attract Blizzad Diablo supporters.

If you are drawn to secret knowledge, and in combat you prefer to use intelligence and magical abilities, pay attention to the Witch - do not let her modest, fragile appearance confuse you. Behind this plain-looking girl with blue eyes is a beast who burns her enemies in a hellfire, freezes them with a fierce cold, and brings down shattering lightning on their heads.

In the tree of passive skills, it is located among such skills that increase intelligence, spontaneous damage, magic regeneration, the amount of magic, spell casting speed, energy shield.

The witch is ideal for creating a pure magician, in the ability to handle spells that have no equal.

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