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Path Of Exile Devote Themselves To Future Battle Royale Titles

Grinding Gear Games, the developers of the hit Hack 'n Slays Path of Exile, shocked fans with a special April Fool. The team said they wanted to renounce the role-playing genre in order to devote themselves to future Battle Royale titles. This should be a new update Path of Exile in a Battle Royale game transform.

Yesterday's April 1 is such a day to be careful about what news you believe. Grinding Gear Games, for instance, has kidnapped fans of the Hack 'n Slays Path of Exile.

And the developers said that they no longer wanted to play role-playing games. Instead, they want to devote themselves to the so popular genre of Battle Royale games. In addition, the team released a new update, which makes Path of Exile a Battle Royale action game. Of course, this is just a joke. Grinding Gear Games wants to continue to play role-playing games and continue to support Path of Exile on this track.

Nonetheless, the developers really released an update that actually introduces a Battle Royale mode. With that the April Foolishness is even playable for Path of Exile! It can compete against each other up to 100 players, while the pitch continues to shrink. The winner will not receive a chicken dinner, but a dinosaur dinner. That's a nice April Fool.