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Path Of Exile - Update Details 3.3.0

The developers of the action / RPG Path of Exile continue to answer the fans' questions about the forthcoming update 3.3.0. The patch will be available soon and the team of Grinding Gear wants to prepare the players as much as possible for it. In a new topic dedicated to more specific details, users were told about whether 3.3.0 is an extension, and whether alpha testing will be done.

The update will be something between the technical patch and the add-on. A full-fledged addon will be released in 2018 and is already under development. The game will have updated skills, traps, rewards and will change the metagame. In addition, Bestiary will be added and much more.

If everything goes according to plan, the 3.3.0 release will take place on June 1 on the PC, and on the Xbox One update will appear a little later.