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Path Of Exile Is The Free Rival Of Diablo 3

Path of Exile is a new action RPG type PC game with elements from the Diablo series. In fact, this game is hailed by fans as "a rival to Diablo 3," mainly because it is free to play and because it offers an even more complete experience than its competitor.

It's a lot like Blizzard's game in many ways, whether it's just in the visual or in gameplay and movement of the character.

Just like in Diablo 3, the player controls only one character in Path of Exile and must move him with the mouse to defeat hordes and more hordes of enemies in lethal dungeons and full of challenges. The violence, of course, is represented at a high level, since the monsters can be cut in half, exploded, decapitated, among other blows.

The player can choose from six possible character classes, which also resemble the heroes of the competing game. Among the classes we have Marauder (who would be the Barbarian), Witch, Shadow (the wizard / killer of the group) and so on. The medieval mood sets the tone for the characters, who can wear heavy armor and use extremely powerful combat weapons.

Some fans even claim that Path of Exile should be what Diablo 3 was not. In graphic terms, this new game is much more similar to the older Diablo series games than the third chapter itself. The dungeons are more dense and scary and violence is even more visual in this game than in the original.

Another positive point of Path of Exile is the massive presence of multiplayer. The player can join other friends to complete scenarios cooperatively or simply find another player online to perform a duel to the death - such elements are not yet present in Diablo 3, which has generated fan complaints.

Finally, Path of Exile promises almost endless replay, as all scenarios are generated randomly, leaving the game always different, and it is possible for the player to build his character in a unique way, creating a skill line with thousands of variations many different.

Path of Exile is now available on PC and Xbox One, where anyone can play. The game is completely free and the developer promises not to "exploit" players with micro transactions meaningless.

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